Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Great Grandpa Hannigan, 1902


  1. Where did you get this picture? It is amazing to me how you've unearthed so many info already.

    I can't even imagine what my great-grandfather looks like, or if he still has an existing photo.

    1. My grandmother had several pictures of her father, and one old one of her mother. When she moved from her house, she left all her photos with my mom, who had the foresight to store everything. So I have several childhood photos of my great grandfather, including one with his parents, my second great grandparents! A photo of two second great grandparents is pretty cool. Don't feel too badly though, I don't have hardly anything on the other side. You never know, maybe you will find some pictures... won't know until you get digging!


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